Laboratory of Foundations of Nanoelectronic Component Base of Information Technologies

The laboratory focuses on the development of physical principles for creating new elements of the component base of information technology based on superconducting, semiconductor and magnetic nanostructures, as well as on the development of multilayer mirrors for X-ray lithography.


Scientific directions

  • Investigation of the properties of disordered superconductors and hybrid structures based on them.
  • Development of the technology of deposition and patterning of magnetic and superconducting nanostructures, the search of new effects in such structures and assessment of their applicability in modern cryoelectronic devices.
  • Investigation of the properties of semiconductor nanowhiskers and selectively doped epitaxial transistor structures based on diamond.
  • Development of multilayer optics of soft X-ray and extreme ultraviolet ranges for projection nanolithography.
  • Development of methods of THz radiation spectroscopy and engineering of innovative sources and detectors using on these methods.

Head of the department

Savinov Denis, PhD in Physics


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