USSR State Prize in Science and Technology in 1987, «Inverted distribution of hot carriers in semiconductors and lasing in millimeter, submillimeter, and far-infrared ranges»

Predicted, detected and studied in detail the new physical phenomena arising in the dynamic heating of charge carriers in semiconductors in strong electric and magnetic fields, which leads to significant distortion of the distribution function, localization and accumulation of carriers in selected areas of the momentum space. First obtained by stimulated emission in the inverted system of hot holes in Ge and created the world’s first laboratory samples of semiconductor lasers and masers short-wave part of the millimeter, submillimeter, and far-infrared (terahertz) ranges

nemag.png lh.png
λ ≈ 0,8−8 mm, E || H
1984 — NEMAG
λ ≈ 0,1 mm, EH
1984 — laser based on l-h transitions in Ge
Ge, Т = 4,2 K, pulsed

The prize was awarded to the following scientists:

V. N. Shastin, Z. F. Krasilnik, V. I. Gavrilenko, A. A. Andronov, A. M. Belyantsev, V. A. Kozlov
  • A. A. Andronov,
  • A. M. Belyantsev,
  • L. E. Vorob’ev (Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University),
  • V. I. Gavrilenko,
  • Yu. L. Ivanov (Ioffe Physical Technical Institute),
  • Z. F. Krasilnik,
  • V. A. Kozlov,
  • I. B. Levinson (IMT RAS),
  • V. N. Murzin (LPI RAS),
  • E. V. Starikov (Institute for physics of semiconductors, Academy of Sciences of the Lithuanian SSR),
  • V. N. Shastin,
  • P. N. Shiktorov (Institute for physics of semiconductors, Academy of Sciences of the Lithuanian SSR).

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