State Prize of the Russian Federation for young scientists in the field of science and technology in 2003, «Methods for calculating the temporal and spectral characteristics of random processes and their application to minimize to minimize the effect of noise in Josephson electronic devices»

The approaches to obtain exact temporal characteristics of diffusion processes (Markov processes), which are a generalization of the first passage time approach of absorbing boundaries are elaborated. This new approach is based on the definition of the characteristic time scale of the evolution of an observable as an integral relaxation time. These methods allow to obtain exactly analytically the required timescales and to approximately (but sufficiently accurate for practical tasks) describe the time evolution of the probability and the averages of random processes in a wide range of parameters.

The elaborated approaches allowed us to solve a number of applied tasks of the Josephson electronics. In particular, using the theoretically predicted effect of noise suppression in nonlinear systems subject to strong periodic driving allows increasing the clock frequency of the Josephson microprocessors and reducing noise-induced errors, and also increasing the sensitivity of microwave superconducting quantum interferometers. Study of the spectral characteristics of the flux flow oscillator (FFO), based on the direct motion of magnetic flux quanta in long Josephson junctions, and optimizing the parameters of the FFO, made it ​​possible to perform the phase synchronization throughout the operating range, where continuous frequency tuning is realized, from 490 to 712 GHz, which allowed the practical use of these oscillators.

Analytical description of the moments of transition time and the noise reduction effect in nonlinear systems subject to periodic driving


Signal to noise ratio as a function of frequency of a driving signal

The formula for the spectral linewidth of the Josephson flux flow oscillator


Spectral linewidth of the FFO as a function of the differential resistance

Prize awarded to A. L. Pankratov


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