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Volkov Petr

Head of the laboratory of precision optical diagnostics of the Department for technology of nanostructures and devices, PhD in Physics.

In 2010 awarded with Medal for young scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of developing or creating instruments, techniques, technologies and new scientific and technical products with scientific and applied importance.

Personal data

Born on 01 August, 1979 in Dzerzhinsk

Research interests

Applied optics and interferometry, polarization optics, optical instrument making, optical monitoring.



School #33 in Dzerzhinsk


Faculty of radiophysics of Lobachevsky State University of Nizhniy Novgorod.


2001 — 2004 — Postgraduate student of the IPM RAS;
2001 — 2007 — Junior research associate of the IPM RAS;
2007 — 2010 — leading electronic engeneer of the IPM RAS;
2009 — PhD in Physics (thesis «Development of interference and polarization methods for measuring physical parameters of solids»);
2010 — 2015 — Research associate of the IPM RAS;
2015 — present — Head of the Laboratory of the IPM RAS;


  • Multichannel temperature sensing by differential coherence multiplexing / V. V. Ivanov, V. A. Markelov, M. A. Novikov, S. S. Ustavshikov, P. V. Volkov, I. B. Kwon // IEEE Sensors Journal 6, 982 (2006).
  • Novel technique for monitoring of MOVPE processes / P. V. Volkov, A. V. Goryunov, V. M. Daniltsev, A. Yu. Luk’yanov, D. A. Pryakhin, A. D. Tertyshnik, O. I. Khrykin, and V. I. Shashkin // Journal of Crystal Growth 310, 4724 (2008).


  • Interferometric measuring device (options) / P. V. Volkov, A. V. Goryunov, A. D. Tertyshnik, Patent RU2307318С1 (2007).
  • Interferometric method of measurement of thickness and refractive index of transparent objects / P. V. Volkov, A. V. Goryunov, A. D. Tertyshnik, Patent RU2313066C1 (2007).
  • Novel technique for monitoring of MOVPE processes / P.V. Volkov, A.V. Goryunov, V.M. Daniltsev, A.Yu. Luk’yanov, D.A. Pryakhin, A.D. Tertyshnik, O.I. Khrykin, V.I. Shashkin // Journal of Crystal Growth. — 2008. V. 310. ‑ P. 4724−4726.
  • Fiber-optic temperature sensor based on low-coherence interferometry without scanning / P.V. Volkov, A.V. Goryunov, A.Yu. Luk’yanov, A.D. Tertyshnik, N.A. Baidakova, I.A. Luk’yanov // Optik. ‑ 2013. V.124. — P. 1982- 1985.
  • Real-time measurement of substrate temperature in molecular beam epitaxy using low-coherence tandem interferometry / D.V. Yurasov, A.Yu.Luk'yanov, P.V.Volkov, A.V.Goryunov, A.D.Tertyshnik, M.N. Drozdov, A.V.Novikov // Journal of Crystal Growth 413 (2015) 42−45
  • Continuous monitoring of temperature and rate of plasma etching of semiconductor wafers / P. V. Volkov, A. V. Goryunov, A. Yu. Lukyanov, A. I. Okhapkin, A. D. Tertyshnik, V. V. Travkin and P. A. Yunin. // Appl. Phys. Lett. 107,111601 (2015)
  • Features of SOI substrates heating in MBE growth process obtained by low-coherence tandem interferometry / P.V.Volkov, А.V. Goryunov, D.N.Lobanov, А.Yu.Luk'yanov, А.V. Novikov, А.D. Tertyshnik, М.V. Shaleev, D.V.Yurasov // Journal of Crystal Growth 448 (2016)89−92
  • Synthesis of single crystal diamond by microwave plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition with in situ low-coherence interferometric control of growth rate / E.V. Bushuev, V.Yu. Yurov, A.P. Bolshakov, V.G. Ralchenko, E.E. Ashkinazi, A.V. Ryabova, I.A. Antonova, P.V. Volkov, A.V. Goryunov, A.Yu. Luk’yanov // Diamond & Related Materials 66 (2016) 83−89

Contact detail

Phone: +7 (831) 417-94-91 +209

E-mail: volkov@ipmras.ru

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