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Graduate course

The graduate course in IPM has been opened in 1998. During this time period 53 persons have graduated from the graduate course and 25 of them have got Ph. D. degree. The average number of post graduate students is 17 persons and the annular admittance is about 5-7 persons.

Up to now the Ministry of Education of RF has licensed 6 specialities at the IPM graduate course:

01.04.01 - Devices and methods of experimental physics
01.04.03 - Radiophysics
01.04.07 - Physics of condensed matter
01.04.10 - Physics of semiconductors
05.27.01 - Solid state electronics, radioelectronic components, micro- and nanoelectronics based on quantum effects
05.27.03 - Quantum electronics

The competitive annular admission to the post graduate is opened for the applicants with higher education. Usually the competitive examination of applicants is held during the spring examination session. The applications can be submitted till May, 10 of the current year.

Head of the graduate course

Denisova Irina Vladimirovna
Phone +7 (831) 4179494 118

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