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Krasilnik Zakhary


Director of IPM RAS, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of Nizhny Novgorod scientific centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of RAS.

Professor, Doctor of the Phys.-math. Sciences, Laureate of the USSR state prize in science and technology (1987). Member of two dissertation councils and scientific council of RAS on the problem «Physics of semiconductors».

Member of the editorial Board of the «Physics-Uspekhi» and «Semiconductors» journals.

Co-chairman of the International Symposium «Nanophysics and nanoelectronics», a member of the program and organizational committees of a number of international and all-Russian scientific conferences.

Head of the interfaculty base chair of UNN in IPM RAS «Physics of nanostructures and nanoelectronics»

Head of the Leading Scientific Schools in Russia «Fundamental scientific problems of silicon electronics development and applications of semiconductor nanostructures in terahertz frequency domain».

Personal data

Born on November, 2 in 1947 in Chernivtsi. Married.

Scientific interests

Solid state spectroscopy, hot carriers in semiconductors, physics of solid-state nanostruuctures, molecular beam epitaxy of silicon nanostructures, silicon optoelectronics.


  • 1965 — 1970 — study in N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhniy Novgorod (Faculty of Radiophysics);
  • 1977 — defended PhD thesis «Waves interaction in semiconductors with the drift of charge carriers», supervisor — Prof. M. I. Rabinovich;
  • 1988 — defended doctoral dissertation «Inverted distributions and induced cyclotron emission of holes with negative masses in semiconductors».


  • 1970 — 1977 — junior research associate of Radiophysical Research Institute;
  • 1977 — 1993 — junior / senior research associate, head of laboratory, head of department, deputy director of division of The Institute of Applied Physics RAS;
  • 1993 — 2009 — deputy director of the IPM RAS, head of the department department for physics of semiconductors;
  • 2009 — director of the IPM RAS.



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