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Gaponov Sergey


Academician of RAS, Advisor at the Russian Academy of Sciences

Personal data

Born on 05 March, 1937.

The founder of Institute for physics of microstructures RAS.

Research interests

Physics, including physics of lasers, the interaction of radiation with matter, X-ray optics, superconductivity, solid state physics of nanostructures.

Development of lasers and laser processing units, the physical fundamentals of laser ablation and deposition of thin films, a multilayer X-ray optics, the physical foundations of its technology and some applications, the construction of the physical foundations of technology films of high-temperature superconductors, the construction of some devices based on them, the construction and use for research and technological applications of scanning probe microscopes .

On the issues listed published about 200 works.


  • 1965 — graduated from the Gorky Polytechnic Institute on specialty of radio technician;
  • 1964−1978 — technician, engineer, senior engineer, leading engineer, head of sector, head of laboratory of the Gorky Institute «Salute»;
  • 1978−1992 — head of the department of solid state technology and semiconductor devices, the head of the Department physics of solid body, director of the branch, Deputy director of the Institute of Applied Physics RAS;
  • 1993−2009 — director of the Institute of physics of microstructures of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • the 2009 — advisor of RAS.


Member of the Editorial Board of the «Nano- and Microsystems Technology' Journal. Member of Scientific Councils for Physics of Semiconductors, Topical Research Trends in Condensed Matter Physics. Member of Presidium of the RAS Joint Scientific Council for Spectroscopy.

Member of the Bureau of the Department of physics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Honorary member of the Physico-technical of the Institute of them. A. F. Ioffe Russian Academy of Sciences.


Laureate of the USSR State Prize, Awardee of the Order of Friendship.

Contact detail

Phone: +7 (831) 417-94-65

E-mail: svg@ipmras.ru

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